Beacon Hill Ghost Tour

Any place with houses so old and grand as Beacon Hill is bound to have a few skeletons in the closet. Our guides know where the bodies are buried (not literally), and deliver salacious tales of gossip, intrigue, hauntings, and violence on the streets of Boston’s wealthiest neighborhood. Some of the most infamous murders in American history took place on the slopes of Beacon Hill. Join us and encounter beheadings, sword duels, dismemberments, grisly relics left behind by the dead, and dark rituals aimed at bringing them back to our world.

The Gas Lamps that light these streets are nearly two hundred years old, casting creepy flickers, even today. Many horrible figures have emerged from the shadows to cross through their eerie glow, on their way to or from some horrible business.  Now they come back to life, conjured on the Beacon Hill Ghost Tour.  This tour is not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, so parental discretion is advised.


  • The Boston Athenaeum (A library that contains a book bound in human skin)
  • Mary Dyer Statue
  • George Parkman Home (famously wealthy man chopped into pieces)
  • Boston Common Founder’s Monument
  • Edwin Booth Home
  • Acorn Street
  • The alley where a killer escaped after murdering his lover
  • Louisburg Square
  • Maria Bickford Murder Site
  • Charles Street Meeting House (nearby the site of the Boston Barrel murder)
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  • Private Tours begin at $300.00 (+tax), which covers a group of up to 10 guests for up to two hours.
  • Small group tours longer than two hours are $150.00 (+tax) per hour per guide.
  • For customized tours in groups larger than 10, please contact us for pricing.
  • This tour typically lasts 90-120 minutes. We can do it faster or slower, but tend to recommend at least 90 minutes.
  • This tour path is roughly 9/10ths of a mile, or 1.5 km.​​
  • ​This tour can be delivered in corporate attire, Colonial period dress, or Victorian-era dress, as requested.


  • If you'd like a recommendation for a good spot to grab dinner or a drink before or after your tour, please let us know!

We Can't...

  • You will almost certainly NOT see a ghost on this tour. Sorry. They just don’t seem interested in working regular hours. However, in fairness, photographs taken around the Copley Hotel have contained very bizarre images.