Harvard Square Ghost Tour

Gruesome murders, bloody battles, untimely death, and plenty of irreverent humor will entertain (and perhaps freak you out) on this 90-minute stroll through Harvard Square. Excellent storytelling by expert guides will make you feel like you’re back around the campfire. Tales of mediums, mourning lovers, and deceased Harvard students haunt the town as we creep through the Square to finish in the dark of the Burying Ground.

​Don’t fret. No ghosts have followed anyone out of Harvard Square yet, and they haven't haunted any dreams of late. This tour is appropriate for all willing ages, though some violent imagery is certainly a part of the package, so parental discretion is advised. We focus on telling great stories, cracking cheap jokes, and making sure everyone is having fun.


  • Winthrop Park/Peet’s Coffee
  • Kirkland House Library
  • Samuel Stedman Icehouse
  • Final Club Row
  • Porcellian Club
  • Wadsworth House/Harvard Yard
  • Thayer Hall
  • Former Harvard Medical School
  • Massachusetts Hall
  • Garden Street
  • Old Cambridge Burying Ground
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  • Please note: our public ghost tour is open to all. Stay tuned for 2024 dates!
  • Tours meet at the Harvard COOP: 1400 Massachusetts Avenue (the entrance between The Milk Bar and the Bank of America).
  • Public Ghost Tour tickets are $25 per person.
  • We are happy to offer this and our other ghost tour paths year round for private and group tours!
  • Private tours begin at $300, which covers up to 10 guests for 90 minutes.
  • For tours longer than 90 minutes, groups under 10 guests are $150 per hour per guide.
  • For customized tours in groups larger than 10, please contact us for pricing.


  • If you'd like recommendations for a good spot for dinner or a drink before or after your tour, please let us know!

We Can't...

  • You will almost certainly NOT see a ghost on this tour. Sorry. They just don’t seem to work like that. However, in fairness, photographs taken inside the Burying Ground have contained very bizarre images.​