Tour of Harvard

The nation’s oldest institution of higher learning is one of the world’s most recognized brand names. Nearly four centuries of historical, literary, and business figures have graced the campus of Harvard. The nation’s rich and powerful have sent their children to Cambridge for an education since we were a British colony. From John Adams to Bill Gates, recognizable American figures have lived in the dorms. Hear tales of crazy hijinks, student protests, times of war, and artistic creation as we stroll the grounds of this prestigious university.

Survivors and victims of the Titanic are memorialized on campus alongside governors, soldiers, and scholars. The architectural giants of every century have stopped by to construct a building. The school has hosted Revolutions in education, religion, and against the British. And also Matt Damon!

Surprise yourself by what you already know of this fascinating and ancient institution. With something for everyone to enjoy, our Tour of Harvard will explain why everyone is trying to get in.


  • **Please note: All stops are of the building exterior. When open to the public, Memorial Hall and Memorial Church may be entered, but Harvard chooses when these public visiting hours apply, and we cannot guarantee entrance.
  • Harvard Yard
  • Wadsworth House
  • John Harvard Statue
  • Widener Memorial Library
  • Memorial Church
  • Science Center
  • Memorial Hall
  • Holden Chapel
  • Johnston Gate
  • Massachusetts Hall (1720)
  • ​Harvard Hall
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  • Private tours begin at $300.00, which covers up to 10 guests for up to two hours.
  • For tours longer than two hours, groups under 10 guests are $150.00 per hour per guide.
  • For customized tours in groups larger than 10, please contact us for pricing.
  • ​This tour can be delivered in Corporate attire, Colonial Period dress, or Victorian-era Dress, as requested.


  • This tour is designed to blend seamlessly with the Tour of the Harvard Museum of Natural History, or the Tour of Old Cambridge.​
  • If your group is under 10, we can enter the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, which is really neat for science enthusiasts.
  • The Harvard Art Museums have a fantastic collection, and admission is low for entrance. We can add this on as part of the tour, or leave you there to admire the art yourself.
  • Food, beer, and snacks are always an option. Harvard Square has a Mike’s Pastries, Ben Affleck’s favorite pizza, oysters, and many hidden goodies.
  • Let us know if you’d like to build in time for a souvenir stop.
  • Additional sites of interest may include: Harvard Lampoon, Harvard Crimson, Hasty Pudding Club/Farkas Hall, Harvard Commons, the River Residences, Harvard Coop, Harvard Bookstore, Levitt and Pierce (1883), Harvard Law School.

We Can't...

  • Harvard has set rules for tourists, to insure a safe campus for students. Tour groups are not permitted inside most Harvard buildings, particularly dormitories. Harvard Yard itself is closed from 5:00pm each night to 8:00am the following morning. Please plan accordingly when considering tours of Harvard!
  • We cannot enter Widener Memorial Library.
  • We cannot enter any Harvard dormitories or classrooms.
  • Tours larger than 5 guests may not enter any Harvard buildings with the exception of Memorial Church and Memorial Hall.
  • We cannot set up any lectures or programming without the help of Harvard. If you would like us to reach out to any department, there will be an administrative fee, so we typically suggest you reach out yourself to save some money, but are always happy to try for you.