Women at Harvard

Women were not admitted into Harvard classrooms until 1943. When Harvard and Radcliffe finally merged, the year was 1999. The ongoing struggle for equal rights started in Puritan Colonial times, when women had little to no power over their own destinies. This tour highlights a few bold pioneers who, in spite of that, found a way to make their impact on the world we live in today.

Discover women who programmed the first computers, named 220,000 stars, oversaw the first Colonial Printing Press, and others who broke barriers their foremothers could only dream of breaking. Other stories highlight the everyday struggle women have faced through each period of history.


  • First Cambridge Meeting House Site
  • First Printing Press
  • Eaton House
  • Porcelain Club
  • Widener Library/Gore Hall
  • Canaday Hall
  • Anne Dudley Bradstreet Gate
  • Science Center
  • Phillips Brook House
  • Massachusetts Hall
  • Charles Sumner Statue
  • Elizabeth Craigie Gravesite
  • Christ Church
  • Radcliffe Yard
  • Schlesinger Library
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